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Aka Gelato

Guide on Christmas Sugar Rush 2019

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Hi everyone. Christmas event is up thanks to all the GMs and Admins of Revival.

Now many players might be wondering where the NPC for Sugar Rush is located. So where to find this NPC exactly?

The NPC can be found in Lutie or @go 7 near the snowmen, which is at 4 o'clock direction of the map.







Talk to Kristal Kringle and she will tell you what to do for her and what she needs.



Another question about this event: "Where to get the well-baked cookie (@alootid +538)?"

This is dropped by Antonio, Christmas Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20), and Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20)

You may get to the dungeon via Warpra > Dungeons.

Hunt these mobs down and collect the well-baked cookies.


Return to Kristal Kringle with the item she asks and she will give you a reward.


Have fun and enjoy.


Edited by Aka Gelato
added mobs and location
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