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Prontera Invasion: Screenshot event!

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In these last couple of weeks of the Prontera Invasion event we're hosting a Screenshot Event here in the forums!

How does it work?

Take a screenshot related to event.

Edit it to make it as funny, as interesting or as beautiful as possible. You can add text, memes, draw on it, whatever your mind desires.
Only 1 entry and 1 screenshot per person is allowed so do your best!

Make an account if you don't have one, and post the image as a reply to this thread.

Look at other people's entries too and use the "Like" reaction on the ones you like the most.


  • Only ONE screenshot is allowed per person.
  • Keep the edit safe for work and without profanities. Other than that, you're free to do whatever you want.
  • Don't use multiple forum accounts to post your entry or to like other entries. We will check.
  • Editing your entry after submitting it is allowed, but only once.

How to win?

The GM team will choose several winners depending on how many people join the event. The most funny, interesting, weird, beautiful screenshots according to the GM team will win!

The community can choose a winner too: the entry with the most "Like" reaction will win~

What are the prizes?

Each winner will receive 500 Premium Points and the permanent version of a costume of their choice from the Prontera Invasion event.
On top of that, the screenshots will be showcased as a loading screen!

Everyone who will participate will get 1 [The King's Remnant] box.


Here's an example:


(Sorry for brutally murdering you guys for this!)


You have until September 20th 11:59 PM (UTC+8) to join, so get your screenshot key ready and go screenshotting next time you join the event!

Also, this event was suggested by @gcq. Thank you for the idea and contributing to Revival's community!

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When the Prontera(Bikini Bottom) is under attack the responsibility bestow upon us!Please Like Guys.😊

Warning:The More you stare the creepier it gets!😈









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when someone with huge dmg shows up

(my ign is Zuber ehehe and that black assasin is Ketan -__-)

tobak lucu klimaks 2.png

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