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Black Friday Sale List

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Strongman Hair (Red) [4]

Dark Magician's Hat [4]
Floppy Bunny [4]
Dragon Rider Cap [4]


* I know that they are not from BF Sale but will be more helpful for us if we can buy them directly using LPP instead of gambling them from the lucky boxes.


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On 1/19/2018 at 8:40 PM, Quinn said:

White Witch Hat [4] (Legit&Costume version)

Bird's Blessing [4]


Can we suggest costumes too? if posibble:

Shimmering Water (Costume)

Moon and Stars (Costume)

Sorry mate, costumes ain't going into black friday.

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1 minute ago, Hyu said:

It is in cash shop atm......

I am well aware of that. Today, GM LArc said the items in the Black Friday Sale would be cheaper, just that Syphon has yet to decide on the exact prices. Therefore I figured I'd post it up for a chance for it to go on sale, that's all :P

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